Paul & Kelli, 2016

"Dianne is wonderful! Professional, friendly, knowledgeable-great in every way. Dianne anticipates what may happen, prepares for it, and handles it. There is nothing Dianne could have done better."

Savani & Ajey, 2016

"We were very happy with Dianne. We moved here from the East Coast and she made house hunting in this market pleasant. We got a good idea of the neighborhoods and we saw homes in all the areas we desired. She also pointed out when a house was not a good buy from a resale standpoint. She really got to know us (including the kids). The kids absolutely loved her and that made the long days when we went to see homes so much more enjoyable!"

Ben & Julie, 2015

"Dianne is thorough, knowledgeable and patient. She hung in there with us in a really tough market, and gave us great advice about how and when to offer."

Amy & Jeffrey, 2015

"Dianne was thorough, prompt, and friendly. She went above and beyond to communicate with the sellers agent to keep our deal on track. Dianne is the best at what she does!"

Victoria, 2015

"Dianne was excellent! I've used two other agents for previous purchases/sales, and Dianne was just far better and faster."

John & Makoto, 2015

"Dianne is very hard working and trustworthy. She turned multiple offers around in very short times and was always reachable when we needed something."

BGH, 2015

"Dianne is very thorough, responsive and pays personal attention to all details. She exceeded our expectations by having great follow through."

Elaine, 2015

"Dianne was excellent. She exceeded my expectations almost every day. She diligently followed up on all issues."

Kim & Susan, 2015

"Dianne is top notch; one of the best agents we have ever worked with!"

Karen & Walter, 2014

"Dianne was superb! She went beyond all expectations, and we are extensively experienced movers, in several disparate markets. She quickly assimilated our entire list of preferences and pointed out disparate characteristics of every property. Dianne can spot a deficiency a block away!"

Juan & Robyn, 2014

"Dianne was great. She was flexible when we needed it and took great care of us. Her experience was essential in getting our house sold. Dianne took care of everything and made sure all deadlines were met."

Anne & Jack, 2014

"Dianne was extremely tenacious in both looking for a home for us while selling our home. She was available for advice and offered great advice when we needed it."

Kyle & Ashley, 2014

"Dianne was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I was very happy with the amount of time she spent with us on our househunting trip to Seattle. She was a wealth of knowledge on many things about the city and region. My wife and I were completely satisfied."